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      Will you be venturing outdoors this year? Maybe for work, or play, or the real important stuff like ice fishing, bird hunting, bow hunting, or deer season? Well, if that's the case and you want to stay warm, or invisible, or, at times, plainly visible, there is a place you should check out. A place for the Outdoorsman that is much more than just a store, it's an institution in downtown Spooner and has been for over 40 years.

Spooner Outlet, at 209 Walnut St. in the heart of Spooner's downtown, was established back in 1962 by partners Roger Charron and Lloyd Kamrath. They started out downtown and moved to their present location in 1975. Lloyd stayed in Rice Lake (Surplus Outlet) and Roger kept the store in Spooner. Then in 1997 when he retired, his sons Bruce and Roger, Jr. took over and believe me, they have never looked back.

The brothers have their own way of doing business and filled their 6000 square foot store with clothing, footwear, sporting goods and hundreds of items of interest and importance to any and every outdoorsman in the region. Lets start at the bottom and work our way up.

Hey guys, if it goes on your feet, this is the place to find it. Boots, boots, and more boots. Whether it's boots for work, or hunting, or hiking they have them. Rubber boots, too. Hip boots, rain boots, snow boots, or waders. Lots of name brands, too. Like Rocky, Red Wing, and LaCrosse. They even carry 2-buckle boots to protect your work boots or shoes from water and salt during the winter. They have cowboy boots and running, jogging, and walking shoes. There is an extensive line of shoes. Children's boots, too. If you want warm, dry feet in the winter come in now while the selection is largest.

How are your work clothes holding out? Don't you deserve some new ones this year? Let's start with Carhartt, where they have a huge selection, as well as other assorted, quality work clothes. If you're a working man this is H.Q.

Now that we have the work part taken care of, it's time to go afield. It's time to hunt. Besides a large selection of supplies for the bow hunter, items like arrows, broadheads, sights, and every kind of supply the bow hunter needs, they even have the popular and locally manufactured River's Edge tree stands as well. In addition, they carry an ultimate supply of camo clothing: jackets, gloves, hats, caps, shirts, sweat shirts, bibs and coveralls. There isn't a bow hunter out there who won't find what he needs, not to mention lots of stuff that he'll want.

Deer season brings an army of hunters into our great north woods and the last thing you want to be at that time is invisible. Blaze orange is the law and Spooner Outlet has the largest selection in the area. It's not like those big mart or fleet stores who carry little selection, but a zillion units of the same coat or pants. Spooner Outlet has a huge, selection of styles and sizes of items in blaze orange. Many different kinds. You can mix or match, or layer your hunting clothes. And remember, every hunter should change his blaze orange every few years. Get the good stuff by shopping here in the fall.

Are you a fisherman? Spooner Outlet carries name brand fishing supplies: rods, reels, lures, & ice fishing equipment. Looking for a Swiss Army Knife? Look no further. Every pocket should carry one and they also make great gifts. In fact this is a great place to Christmas shop for the woodsman in your life ... even if that's you! There is a large selection of camping supplies and snowmobile clothes galore, including suits, bibs, and helmets.

The truth of the matter is, I could fill up the pages of this website naming off items they carry for the outdoorsman. But hands-on is always best ... come in and look for yourself. Spooner Outlet in downtown Spooner is truly the Store For The Great Outdoors. Check them out on the web, http://www.spooneroutlet.comhttp://www.wisconsinhunter.com or call



209 Walnut Street, Spooner, WI 54801 Phone (715) 635-3883